Why Beautycounter?

We believe health should never be compromised for beauty–quite frankly, it doesn’t need to be.

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We’ve found hundreds of effective–and safe–ingredients to deliver the results we expect our products to achieve. We’ve innovated solely because of our belief that it’s the right thing to do–and because we want safe solutions for the people we love most. In the process of building Beautycounter, we’ve established an unparalleled safety standard in the industry.

It is completely understandable that when you see products on store shelves behind makeup counters, you would assume they must be safe.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Currently, the personal care industry is self-regulated–the FDA lacks the power to actually regulate it–and many companies are not working to protect our long-term health. Companies are legally allowed to use chemicals that are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors–so they continue to put them in products.

We think this is unacceptable. And we’re doing something about it.


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