Beautycounter was launched by Gregg Renfrew in 2013. Beautycounter is a brand of personal care products ranging from cleansers, moisturizers, face oils, and lotions to shampoos, sunscreen, makeup, and more.

But Beautycounter is different. This company is dedicated to the highest degree of transparency. They want you to know everything. Not only do their products perform just as well as other leading brands, they are formulated without any chemicals or toxins that are known to be harmful. Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients from their products, ensuring that every single product they make available is completely safe to use for the entire family–kids included! Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.

  • 1938: The last year the federal government passed a law regulating cosmetics
  • 1,300: The number of harmful chemicals banned or restricted from cosmetics in the European Union
  • 11: The number of harmful chemicals banned or restricted from cosmetics in the United States
  • 80%: The percentage of cosmetic ingredients that have never been assessed for safety
  • 1 in 5: The number of personal care products (including lotion, makeup, bubble bath and aftershave) that contain chemicals linked to cancer
  • 14: The average number of secret chemicals not listed on fragrance/cologne ingredient labels (including hormone-disrupting chemicals and allergens)
  • Over 95%: The percentage of popular lipsticks which contained lead according to a recent lab test
  • 15: The number of cosmetics chemicals found in the bodies of teenage girls (including hormone-disrupting “fragrance” ingredients)
  • Fact: It is legal for U.S. cosmetics companies to use known carcinogens and reproductive toxins in products marketed to pregnant women and babies
  • 200: A recent study shows that on average there are more than 200 industrial chemicals found in the cord blood of newborn babies
  • $400 billion: Annual global beauty and personal care products sales
  • BEAUTYCOUNTER: Know Everything

Halley Intro to Beautycounter One Page Flyer


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