I am so excited and proud to announce that Beautycounter has released a brand-new collection of products designed for the newest, freshest, and most precious little ones in your life! This is the perfect way to get that bundle of joy off to a happy, healthy start. So many leading baby washes and lotions contain ingredients that have been linked to harmful effects on human health. Beautycounter’s baby collection is different: it’s safe and soothing for baby’s skin so that you can feel confident that you are protecting your little one from toxic ingredients that you can’t even see.

A trio of head-to-toe essentials for your baby. Gentle All-Over Wash cleanses body and hair with a tear-free formula, Soothing Oil absorbs easily and nourishes skin, and Daily Protective Balm acts as a layer of protection for sensitive, delicate skin.

Perfect for baby showers, as well as adults with ultra-sensitive skin. And the Soothing Oil is ideal for Mom’s growing, stretching belly!

Babies’ skin is so soft, and so delicate. It absorbs what you put on it, so make sure you cover your baby in safe, luxurious products….and lots of kisses!

Click here to see the beautiful new baby collection!