Samples Are Here!

There are Beautycounter boxes all over my house, and safe, beautiful products everywhere. I am excited to begin sharing these with you! If I send you a sample, would you try it for a couple of days?


Just fill out a quick form about your skin care needs so that I know which products you would be interested in trying. Click here to do that now. If you’re local to the South Coast, I’ll drop them off. If not, I’ll ship them to your door. (I’m already on my way to the post office today to mail some samples to friends!) Easy, fast, fun! Toxin-free beauty products to try, for free!


Beautycounter is for the whole family. The KidsCounter line is awesome (and awesome-smelling). Safe, clean bath products for your little ones!


The entire Beautycounter collection is available to explore and shop 24/7.


The Beauty of Facial Oils

8-26-15 postHave you tried facial oils? It seems counterintuitive to use oil to reduce oil, but facial oils even out skin tone and reduce the overproduction of oil. Beautycounter’s oils smell and feel heavenly! Let me know if you’d like to give them a try!

Read more about the benefits of facial oils here!

How Many Chemicals?

Every day, we lather shampoo in our hair, slather on lotion, and wash our hands with soap. How many chemicals is that? 515 chemicals each day.

We are regularly exposed to toxins in our personal care products, oftentimes without our knowledge. Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.

Click the image below to read more. Shop Beautycounter to eliminate your exposure to toxins in personal care products. Or contact me to try a sample first! Take one step today toward healthier beauty. You owe it to yourself and your family.

8-24-15 post